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“Waiting for Green” – G11 at the ready

by on Sep.02, 2013, under Street Photography

While on a very short break with family to Holland to see my step son Laurence we spotted a number of forms of wheeled transport being used by the locals, much of it human powered. Thousands of bicycles, a few long board skate boards and the odd person on roller blades. I loved the fact that they all queued up in the cycle lanes.  I was travelling light camera wise but had the G11 over my shoulder and realised what was going to happen just in time to get this shot. There had been a third person, a guy on a moped at the back, but he’d been impatient and jumped the lights leaving only the ladies. Looking back at what I’d seen it makes for a better image anyway as the two ladies are on the thirds lines.

Processed in Lightroom 5.

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Video triggers flashback to studio time with Lucy Cates

by on May.15, 2013, under Fashion

I’ve not been in the studio for what feels like a lifetime! IT Contract and Google Business Photos are keeping me busy all hours 7 days a week. Today I was reminded of a past shoot by a friend Stella. She’d come along with her photographer daughter Phoebe and had become my impromptu stylist.  Stella posted a link to a video on my Facebook timeline with the message “See if you recognise anyone in this video…“   The link was to Manchester bank The 1975‘s video “The City”, a song that’s getting a LOT of airtime on XFM in the UK at the moment.

Busy with some work but ready for a tea break I powered up my personal laptop and listened to the tune, only half watching while I checked out something on a clients server. Then my subconscious kicked in with a “You know her, that’s Lucy!” (FB) and I had to rewind to the start. Get yourself a cup of something and have a watch :D

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Google doodle tribute to Sir Norman Parkinson, father of Modern Fashion Photography

by on Apr.21, 2013, under Fashion, Portraits

Sir Norman Parkinson CBE, was a celebrated English portrait and fashion photographer. Regarded by many as the father of modern fashion photography and major contributor to the images published by Vogue. Google have paid tribute to him with this lovely Google Doogle on what would have been his 100th Birthday. Rather than copy lots of text from other sites please read Sir Parkinson’s entry on Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with his work.

If you’re in London between now and May 12th and would like to see some of his great work get along to The National Theatre for Lifework: Norman Parkinson’s Century of Style. Admission free. 020 7452 3400.

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No covers for 2013.. yet

by on Apr.20, 2013, under Misc

So far 2013′s been a very very busy year!  I’m a busy photographer working in the Google Business Photos program, not only working on GBP shoots but also working on an invention (both hardware and software) to make the process less prone to errors. I’m also a very busy IT Specialist. With GBP & IT taking up so much of my time studio shoots have fallen by the wayside. I hope to get the inventing wrapped up soon and get back to some personal projects – image editing and shooting in the studio with a number of people I’d contacted last year.

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Google Authorship – Get your face out there

by on Mar.03, 2013, under Kit Bag

I was a little surprised to get an email a few days ago with the following: “You’re receiving this email because you signed up for the Google Authorship programme. This is a one-off notification and we will not be contacting you further about this issue. You’ve established your Authorship, which means that your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results. Learn more”.  I didn’t recall applying for Google Authorship. But now it’s here I’m glad I’ve got it. The reflector holder attached to the back of my camera bag says ‘Mark Emery Photography – Google for “MARKSE”‘. Now people have an extra verification that the pages they’re about to view are mine.

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Ben Bo

by on Feb.24, 2013, under Kit Bag

This post is for all of the kids, parents and adults that have seen me out with Ben Bo while doing my Google Business Photos work, noted the ‘Google “MARKSE”‘ on the reflector bag and are now here. He’s getting a LOT of smiles! :D And causing a number of conversations to start.

Today Ben was confirmed to be a monkey, not a dog, by a young Ben 10 fan sat on the Hammersmith & City line with his mother. (read the rest of the post…)

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She brought a bit of colour to a grey London day

by on Feb.18, 2013, under Portraits, Street Photography

I’d gone up to London to photograph a number of streets for a business contact of mine. Having mapped out the exact locations to shoot on Google maps the night before I knew the next stop was within walking distance, no need for a bus or tube. But thanks to London buses a visitor to England was sat waiting. Like Zia, Claire, Annaliisa and a number of others that caught my eye she had attention grabbing hair, cropped short on one side and coloured and long the other. Not having used the ringflash for a quick Street Photography shot I didn’t know if I’d be able to get all the bits together in time. It’s quick to assemble, but would it be quick enough? As you can see, the answer is yes. And then there was her #11 bus and she and her mother were gone.
Welcome to the lineup miss, love the hair! :)

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What is LOVE?

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Fashion

  • A strong feeling of affection or sexual attraction for someone
  • A great interest and pleasure in something
  • A tennis score of zero
  • A song by many artists, my favorite being “What is Love?” by Haddaway
  • My passion for fashion and people photography!
  • A twice-yearly magazine published by Condé Nast / Vogue

The magazine is filled with great fashion photography and printed on high quality paper throughout. With ~ 118gsm paper and 220 physical pages it weighs in at a hefty 1800 grams, yes 1.8Kg! It’s a dream of a magazine for the coffee table of the the fashion fan with many inspiring outfits and photographs. Some of my photographer friends would benefit from a “What makes this a good photo” session when we next meet.

My love for people and fashion photography hasn’t seen much light the last few months with other demands on my time and terrible weather. I aim to put that right in the following months with a number of shoots, weather and studio dates permitting.

  • A shoot with a vintage Lady Pearls dress, hopefully 2013′s weather and availability of people will allow the shoot to happen this year.
  • A red themed creative shoot with a new model Jodi, her man and the red dress above.
  • The micromesh body and business suit themed shoot I’ve had a casting call for on Purple Port.
  • Some collaborative shoots with the guys following the Bromley Photographers Facebook page.
  • The “KCACO” shoot now that I’ve found a fantastic space to shoot out of – big enough to park a few London buses and only £30/hour to rent!
  • The “That’s not a moon…” Star Wars themed shoot with Katherine and some of the 501st if we can get the timing right.

So you know some of my passions; people and fashion, what are yours?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The sound of an air kiss? MUAH not MWAH!

by on Jan.16, 2013, under Fashion

Seeing a makeup artists I’ve worked with update her profile photo with one of the very few selective colouring images I’ve created made me think of the Mwah! or Muah! sound women make when air kissing.

Search the web for it and you’ll see numerous sites defining Mwah as the sound made, nothing more. Even if spelt differently.

I think it should always be spelt MUAH and stand for Make Up Artist Here!

With an unspoken “Look at my awesome make-up, do you think I’m going to risk smudging it with anything but an air kiss!?

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My local studio: Snappy Snaps Bromley

by on Jan.13, 2013, under Misc

I’ve had someone post a message via the sites contact form tonight asking which studio I use.  As they made a typo when entering their email address I’ve been unable to reply. Anyone wondering where it is, here’s the address.

Snappy Snaps Bromley
31 Market Square

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