I’ve been doing Teppo ‘s 100 Strangers project since August of 2008.  I’ve met a fantastic bunch of people along the way, doing all manor of jobs.  I recommend the project to any photographer, especially those not yet comfortable working with strangers or giving models direction.

For me it’s not just getting a shot, it’s been about finding out a little about the person and what they do.  It’s especially nice when the people concerned get back in touch either via Flickr or this site.

Peter asked to use his shot in the fell walking magazine he puts together. Eryca has kept in touch about Fashion issues.
Nicola the singer and dancer has used her head shot for her page on the on SwingXtreme.com web site.  She was great to work with an the first of my 100 Strangers to be shot in the studio. If you’re looking for a professional signer / dancer you can get in touch with Nicola via her agent:
OLIVIA BELL LTD. 189 Wardour Street, London W1F 8ZD. Telephone: 020-7439 3270  Fax: 020-7439 3485
Julie’s told me about one of the courses she took recently for TV Presenting.  Hopefully you’ll be seeing her on the screen soon.