I’ll freely admit it, I like stilettos and the shape they bring to a woman’s legs. Even more so when colour matched to the some of the clothes. I don’t like the pain, accidents and suffering that can go with them though. If I see a lady in flats or trainers with shoes in a little bag I think of my wife, knowing the agony she goes through when trying to be in heals all day at trade events. Cath here came to the shoot in sensible shoes.

I don’t usually look at someone’s feet and work my way up, but that’s what I found myself doing again today…

Last week it was the sunny Kat with her heals and lovely legs.

Getting off the train this morning I noticed a lovely set of blue high heals being worn by the lady in front, shoes I could see Zia wearing. It may have been the movement that caught my attention, her right foot turning inwards with each step, she looked quite unstable.  On getting through the ticket barrier I said hi, did a quick photog, ladies fashion, nice shoes intro. I then asked if she was aware of how her foot was moving. I guessed she probably felt something but didn’t know just how severe it was. “That could explain why I fell over earlier…” came the reply as she showed me her bloody grazed left knee. I recommended she visited her physio for some exercises to strengthen her ankle and wished her well, thinking best not to ask for a portrait…

The incident made me much more aware of peoples footwear and I found myself looking at feet not faces as I made my way out of the station.  A very fashionable business woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s walked past in incredibly high patent heals, and not the sort with a hidden platform sole. Not even a hint of a wobble in her feet!

Then I spotted the shoes on Amaile who was waiting at the TAXI rank. An ideal set of heals to accompany this post.  I said hello and told Amaile about the lady and her blue shoes, asking if I could take a shot. She agreed, totally unphased, as if it was quite a normal request. An elderly lady standing in the queue joined in what was now becoming a 3 way conversation, saying she’d had surgery on her feet from wearing high heals in the past and now had to wear flats. We spoke briefly about the back problems that can arise from bad shoes and heavy bags over one shoulder. We were then told off by a gentleman further down the queue, we all need to move up the path.

To my surprise the buggy Amaile had been pushing didn’t have a human occupant but two gorgeous black cats. Amaile said they were called Little Cat and Little Boy and were being taken to a cat hotel as she was about to go on holiday.  Amaile’s TAXI arrived soon after and she was on her way …

I hope you and the cats had a great time, albeit in different hotels.

To any women reading this, please look after yourselves and your feet! Keep a set of heals under the office desk if needed, with platform soles if you want the height or look of a tall heal. Put on low heal or flats the rest of the time. Don’t mess up your feet or back just to look good, you’ll regret it when you’re older. With more and more people living to 100 and beyond, have a good think about how many more years you might want to stand on your feet.

To any models out there, if you turn up to one of my shoots wearing high heals and in pain I’ll not be impressed, I may even cancel to shoot. I like smiles not looks of discomfort!