Thanks to a Black Rapid “R-Strap” purchased via my friend Wei Li, I carry my camera almost everywhere I go and have it ready for use. A few of my family and friends have commented on it being my constant companion, one even asking if I’d given it a name yet.

I’d had it with me the morning of the 2nd while walking to the train station. Staff at Bromley Police Station had let a stranded driver stay in the station over night and came out with shovels and brooms to help clear the snow and get him on his way. The Bromley Times have printed it in their paper today, top image, page 7.

I found myself without it on the 4th when I met Nigel and got my 45th “100 Strangers” photo, having to resort to my HTC phone.

This morning I made sure I had it with me. I’ve not taken any shots with it so far today, but the last few days events got me thinking about the name question again. As I should ensure I carry it everywhere I’ve decided that if anyone asks the question again her name is Carrie. Full name Carrie Canon.