Eryca Freemantle is an aesthetic beauty specialist and celebrity make up artist. Thanks to my wife Denise being a B.N.I member I found myself meeting Eryca at one of their breakfast meetings early one morning in August 2008.

When she walked into the room she projected beauty, style and self confidence in great volumes. I just had to ask her to be part of my 100 Strangers project, a great idea from Teppo Moisio of Helsinki, Finland, the creator of “”.

I hadn’t been doing the project long and it took a little while to pluck up the courage to ask her. She smiled and gave me a yes but asked if we could take the shot another day so she could do her makeup, she wasn’t really a mornings person. (B.N.I start their meeting at 07:00). She looked stunning already, but who was I to say no? With both of us having family and work issues that needed to take priority we didn’t get to meet again until this month.

Thankfully Eryca decided she’d rather be photographed at home than the studio. She’s got some beautiful mirrors, ideal for one of the shots I had in mind.

Eryca answered the door in a lovely traditional blue print dress. It was very different to what I’d seen her wearing at B.N.I. She made us both a nice cup of mint tea and we chatted for a while in the kitchen. There were a lot of books and magazines out as Eryca was doing research for an upcoming trip. She’s extremely busy, working on a number of projects and has recently endorsed a cosmetics company’s product, getting her photo on the inner page of their catalogue cover. With all of her many contacts Eryca is helping firms get into emerging markets, particularly in Africa. I also learnt that Eryca writes about Health & Beauty for, a site that gets 5 Million hits a month!

Tea finished, Eryca popped upstairs to change. I should have got a shot of her in her blue dress, but suspect that was her ‘just chilling at home’ clothes. My mind got lost in a large book of lovely photographs that she’d been given by another photographer.

We used one of the front rooms for the shots as it had a mirror with enough room around it for the studio lights. The frame of the mirror helped bring some context into some of the shots, I’m very happy with the results. I asked Eryca about the tea as I’m caffeine free too. She told me she doesn’t have any caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes, laughed and said she must be boring. Far from it!

I asked Eryca about the tattoo on her ankle having spotted it at the B.N.I meeting all those months ago and again tonight. The details are private to her but I will say they reveal more of the inner beauty of this lovely lady!

Many thanks again for your time Eryca, it’s been lovely to meet you and you’ve brought a whole new twist to the project!

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