There are a number of web sites dedicated to photography, such as Googles Picasa, photobucket and Flickr, which have all been around for a while. Other sites like facebook and myspace also allow photos to be uploaded and shared with friends, and I’m seeting a growing numbers of my contacts using the feature. Microsoft have now joined the party with their Windows Live Photo Gallery.

It’s interesting to see that Picasa and photobucket are seen as photo uploading sites yet Flickr is often listed as a social networking site, with a specialisation in photography and video sharing.  I have accounts on many of these sites. One feature I use a lot of Flickr is it’s “Favorites”, which allows me to both keep a track of shots I like and let the photographer know I like their work. Last year I started creating “Fave Walls”, images like the one to the left that show my faves all together in one place.

There are streangths and weeknesses in all of the sites, with the majority of them adding new features and GUI improvements on a regular basis. Which you use will often be down to a personal taste so try out as many as possible. Competition in this space is proving to be a very good thing.

If you’re into trying different web browsers; take a look at Googles Chrome if you like multiple tabs. It gives great protection from browsing problem sites – a tabbed page can be killed without taking out the whole browser. Also look at Firefox, an Opensource, Open Standards products and a browser based on it called Flock that has excelent media integration. Microsofts IE7 is excelent but is only supported on Windows XP, while others will still support people still running Windows 2000. (If you are still on Win2K, XP is well worth the upgrade for its stability, security updates and access to new features like firewalls and IE7)