Many of us do the same thing in the morning, women more so than men I think – look in a mirror to get ready for the day.

Men may shave but I don’t think the majority focus on the whole image in front of them, just the razor. Women spend more time on hair and make-up and what the overall results look like. In doing so they are constantly reminded of where their fringe is, which eye is slightly lower than the other, etc. All tiny things they’re not aware of until someone shows them a mirror image of the mirrors image – a photograph.

They look at it and think “That’s not me!“. Mirror the photo and the person accepts it more.

Very few people have a symmetrical face. A busy supermodel is probably lucky on multiple counts: They have a close to perfectly symmetrical face, are lucky enough to have their make-up done for them often so avoid mirrors more and spend a lot of their time reviewing their own photos. Thereby strengthening a “self image” that matches what the rest of us see.

If so do they hate their reflection in the same way some hate photos??

This may become my next project after “100 Strangers”. “100 Mirror Images”, with the subjects being asked to agree to provide feedback. I’d show both images side by side as I did for Vicky, the 2nd of my 100 Strangers.