Movember 27th I was working in Milton Keynes and got home around 8PM after 3 hours on buses & trains. The family went out for dinner. Towards the end of the meal my step son Laurence said I should go to the Movember party anyway even though it was now late.

A number of Movember guests could be seen at Battersea Park station, already on their way home. Nuts I thought. Was the party winding down already?

Not a chance! Despite getting there just after midnight it was the best 3 hours of partying I’ve had for a while! JC and all the other Movember team, thanks for putting on a great party. See you next year!

The best of the images are up on my Facebook account in the
Movember 2009 set. If you’d like a high res version of any of the shots you’re in for printing, tag yourself and drop me a message, I’ll send back links to the originals.

If anyone would like to make a donation please feel free to click this link to my Movember Donations page.