When I started out with my EOS 40D I tried out Google Picasa. It was at version 2 at the time and I loved it until I switched to shooting RAW images. V2 had a number of issues with Canon RAW images at the time and I had to switch away, falling back to a simple workflow with Explorer and DPP.

Picasa has matured a lot in the past year and is now at version 3. (3.1.0, Build 71.43.0 as of this posting).

The thing I realy liked about Picasa, and love having back, is it’s lightning fast access to the whole of my image library, even off my networked file servers. It monitors file system access and adds new images to it’s database without me having to ask. It works with all of the image formats I use, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, .GIF and .CR2, one thing that Canon’s DPP doesn’t do. With the .CR2 extention configured to open with Canons DPP Viewer module I can page through my photos at speed and either edit them in Picasa or Canons DPP with a simple right click.

The best of both worlds!

So now you’ll be seeing links and images from both http://flickr.com/emerym42/ *and* http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/emerym.42  There are a number of great WordPress plugins that take advantage of Picasa, so expect to see some changes.