Julie is one of the many people I’ve been lucky enough to meet while doing the 100 Strangers project created by Teppo Moisio of Helsinki. I met Julie and her mother in the local M&S while having a drink and cake with family.  Julie kindly not only agreed to be part of the project but also help with a studio shoot and kept in touch.

The original concept for the shoot – a “Strawberries & Cream” image came to mind after I’d seen a lady on the tube. It was packed and I was forced to stand in the isle in front of her. Looking down at her I could only see her bright red lips thanks to the hat she had on, her matching bright red clutch bag adding to the effect.

Over time, in part due to an eBay order not arriving in time, the original idea of having Julie sitting on a stool changed into the picnic shot you see above. We took shots with Julie wearing a hat, but her eyes are too stunning to be left hidden away like that.

Thanks to another of my 100Strangers contacts I was able to get some artificial grass. Pretty much all of the other props – hats, shoes, glasses, hamper, bottles, etc were borrowed from friends or family.  The shoot was done at the studio at Snappy Snaps in Bromley High Street.

Thanks not only to Julie, but also her friend Katie, sister Amy and mother Sheila for all their assistance on the day. Our two hours in the studio flew past and I’m extremely happy with the results.

My message to anyone thinking of doing something special in the studio is “Go for it!”  Do a bit of planning, prop building and collecting if needed and go have some fun.

Lighting was from two softboxes camera left and immediate right positioned as high as possible and pointing down towards Julie. The left one being on a lower power setting to provide some shadow fill.