1 of whom was more strange than stranger. I’d gone into East Croydon to pick up an album proof and bring it back to Bromley, then work on some layout issues with the lab.

I now have some V05 Hot Oil in my camera bag ready to pass on to a wedding client thanks to some tips from a lady with stunningly shiny hair. But I also have a small bottle of Listerine mouthwash after I got somewhat more thanks than I’d expected or wanted from someone I helped out on my way to the lab. After getting over the initial shock I had to laugh. Having women try and french kiss you is not something that comes to mind when people joke about East Croydon being a dangerous place. I’ll think twice before helping any women carry a heavy box to the bus stop again.

Croydon’s got talent for sure, its fare share being X Factor finalists. Jerzy Siwek was great, creating the vocal parts to many popular tracks with his violin. The portrait artist was very fast and had a great understanding of light and form. I’d loved to have seen the finished drawing but time waits for no photog’.

Back in Bromley a Ferris wheel was keeping a few kids amused. Scream if you want to go faster! I’m quite please with the hand held 0.8 second exposure. The Churchill Theatre had put a mass of Christmas lights up on the side of the building. Bokeh Tastic! Thanks to those who let me try a shot or two with the lights in the background. I think I’ll keep a set of our lights back when the rest go back into the loft in the new year.

And as for the gang having an early Christmas Party.. loved the ear muffs, I hope your night continued well. Make sure your “Kiss Me” web designer gets in touch!

If anyone wants to download photos from today they’re here.