On Saturday I went up to Jacobs in New Oxford St to get something I’d spotted on Thursday, asking Sophie if she’d like to come along as she doesn’t get into London that often. We had a great day out, calling in at what will no doubt be her favourite shop on the planet from now on.

On the way to the tube we spotted what must be the smallest ice-cream van in London. Unfortunately I couldn’t get Sophie or any of the others taking snaps to stand by it to give it some scale. The guy inside had hardly any room to move in. Sticking to the theme the next thing I spotted was a hand holding some M&Ms, looking as if it was coming from nowhere. The owner of the hand was in one of the narrowest shops in London, to the right of the Dominion Theatre.

Walking up to Covent Garden I spotted a lady with a very orange head of hear dressed in black. I noticed the Ben Sherman bag with its black background and orange text. I pointed out how coordinated she was with her bag, she hadn’t noticed until that moment. She agreed to have her portrait taken and instead of the Big Bounce diffuser I used the 580EXII fired through a shoot through umbrella, a first for my street photography. I’m very pleased with the results as it’s light was soft and balanced the strong sunlight from behind. Then we spotted the statue players in Covent Garden. The guy with the sword had a brilliant range of facial expressions and had a constant stream of kids and adults wanting to have their photo taken with him.

Sophie and I turned right. She looked at a massive bright glass fronted building full of people and didn’t realise what she was seeing. I pointed out the large square signs above the door with the shape of a part eaten bit of fruit cut out. It took a moment for the penny to drop. To say the Apple store was busy was an understatement! We spent a good while in there playing with the iPhone 4 and iPad, maybe one day dear. Back out on the street we spotted the guy in bronze. He was doing a good job of keeping still and making people jump when they came close.

We got close to Covent Garden tube station when the sky opened and it rained like crazy. Warrington Wolves had won 30:6 over Leeds Rhinos and some of the more colourful fans were arriving in a party mood. Love the banana man costumes guys!

As we sheltered from the rain Claire, Hannah and Aimee were doing the same, Aimee with her brolly. The umbrella was providing some nice shade keeping her face in the soft diffused light. Last week I said how I liked big 1980’s style and short Rihanna style hair. I should add to the list Cleopatra style fringes and corkscrew curls. Hell, if it’s long I like it! The ladies had a good chat with Sophie, each giving a slightly different take on the iPhone 4 vs iPad debate. Their suggestion to check out the performances at the Pineapple Studios a short distance away turned out to be a wild goose chase. A real shame as dancers and performers make great models, often being more in tune with poise and balance than non dancers.

We got close to Leicester Square tube station and the rain returned. While taking cover I spotted a fellow Canon user roaming around, looking a little lost. And Rick and Shaw on a cigarette break.

As our trip came to an end and Sophie and I got to Victoria tube station, I spotted Pete. With the haircut and facial expressions I was pretty sure it was him, then he spoke and any doubt was gone. “You’re the guy from Big Brother aren’t you?” I asked, instantly wishing I’d not put it quite like that. “Yeah, and aren’t you the guy from …” he replied. “You look like… what’s his name”, “You should look into being a body double.” With my hair longer I’ve had people say I look like Russell Crowe from A Beautiful Mind, I keep it short these days!

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