I have two working lives. One is in Information Technology and currently keeps me busy during the day with a network management contract. Web design, database building, etc for other clients keeps me occupied a few evenings a week and sometimes weekends. My second life is in photography and takes up the rest of my time when not out with family. As I continue to build my client base with more wedding, event and business shoots I try and ensure every minute I have is filled with something productive.

I use my iPhone and laptop to the full, power permitting. When I can get a seat on a train I’ll be sorting or editing images. When standing room only forces me to do otherwise I update my To Do list, write emails or blog posts on the iPhone, the easy single handed typing being a massive plus point for the device. Now and again you’ll catch me playing a game if tired, but not that often, work and Whitesnake being my current favourite mix. I’ve been typing this on the way home, with a detour via Jacobs to buy a sturdy flash/umbrella bracket.

Having a long background in IT has come in handy on many occasions. A Perl script used to create a film strip from JPEG files for a clients web site banner was pulled from the archives after a wedding shoot. The images leading up to a shot at the reception party told a story that helped give the final image context and make it more fun.  Tim had been dancing with Sam and his guests all evening, he so deserved to win the bear dance!

As covered in a recent post I’ve been doing a number of things with Perl scripts to restructure my photo archive. Days later I found myself using some of the file management techniques developed in my IT role.  Being able to use IT to good effect in both lives has helped save countless hours. Being able to have work done in one benefit the other is a major plus.

If any of the tools I’m posting make you think of another that you’d like written feel free to get in touch. If it’s something that would benefit other photographers and wont take up too much of my time I’ll write and share it for free.