Photography and Cinema-photography will no doubt continue to merge as technology prices drop and put more features into the hands of those willing to give it a go, experiment and come up with their own style. Video recording has come to dSLR’s big time, with the last episode of house being filmed exclusively on a Canon 5DmkII thanks to its great selection of lenses. I’ve had quite a few conversations around the subject during the past week, the next body will have to be HiDef video enabled!

Catching up on a bit of TV I watched the “Gucci Guilty” advert. Nice to see the selective colouring techniques used by a lot of photographers being used in a video! Sure desaturation gets used by Hollywood to add depth to film, but few use it like photographers to colour only the main subject. I wasn’t that surprised to find the work was that of Sin City co-director Frank Miller. Frank’s official Director’s Cut of Gucci Guilty ROCKS!

I was shopping with my wife in Boots the other day and noticed how many of the makeup adverts were using Pop/TV/Film stars rather than the traditional Super Model. They’re getting much more exposure than the models and the marketing folk are making the most of it. Yet another crossover that’s been growing for a while. How many Super Models will end up in films I wonder? Evan Rachel Wood fits the actress & model bill perfectly. Chris Evans (of Fantastic Four fame not the UK Radio DJ!) plays Evan’s guilty pleasure day dream fantasy.

The advert pushes the envelope with 63 seconds of movie short material. Very unique and likely to inspire many advertising producers to up their game. And they’ve used my favourite derivative of the classic Stiletto. Don’t worry, I’m not suffering from shoe fetishism, I just appreciate them as works of modern art and design in the same way I appreciate the lines of an Audi TT or Bugatti Veyron! Enjoy!