One photograph idea I see used by the higher end magazines from time to time is the extreme colour themed multiple person shoot. It’s the sort of thing shot for “… of the year” covers. The people are all styled in the same colour, often white. Ties, shirts, blouses, trousers, jumpers, skirts, leggings, shoes, hats, you name it. All sorts of material are worn by the various subjects; wools, cottons, silks and man made fabrics all making for an interesting range of textures and details. Lighting such shoots is a fun challenge to add depth and form and not flatten or burn out details. The only colour in the shot coming from the range of skin tones of the subjects.

If only I had a print button for the “mind’s eye” camera in my head. Having seen a lot of girls in town at the weekend promoting Nivea, all wearing different clothes but all in white, thoughts of doing such a shoot myself resurfaced. Unfortunately the Nivea girls were all contracted to work until 6PM so getting them into the studio and doing a shoot before it closed wasn’t possible.

But the image I have in my head might be more fun to create, budgets permitting. Richard in a pure white tux with as many ladies in white with him as possible; Abi, Ami, Anna, Hayleigh, Julie, Maez, Mal, Ryann, and Vanessa to name but a few. All in outfits that they would pick for themselves, only in white. It would make a great Mark Emery Photography Christmas card.

The Tom Spindler Presents team doing the same but with a red twist would also be quite fun.