Keeping a balance between I.T. and photography work can be hard when big I.T. projects make heavy demands on my time. I enjoy what I do as both allow me to exercise my creativity, but a bit more photography in the mix would make me even happier than I am already. Being a family man I also have other priorities that have to be taken into account before I reach for the camera or phone to book the studio. As a result I carry the camera everywhere I go (to the point I nicknamed my camera “Carrie”) and try and make the most of any opportunity that arises. A fellow photographer friend, yet another Mark, recently posted a blog entry that talked about his photography teachers and their final messages to their students. “Just Shoot” was the advice he took to heart the most. With the credit crunch pulling a number of clients purse strings tight he’d found that staying active with his studio photography while waiting for paid work helped keep the ideas coming. The images from such activities got customers interested, resulting in further work. It was as if some cosmic force made the phone ring after he’d done some project work of his own.

I started writing this post very late last night, doing most of it in the early hours of the morning. Wouldn’t it be nice if this strange cosmic force existed I thought, sticking it’s tongue out at the laws of physics people like myself think the world runs to.

An opportunity to shoot, albeit outside the studio, arose at my friend James’ leaving drinks. He’s an very bright young man that’s going places, in more ways than one – he’s off to the Big Apple to work on a project for six months! He’s a biker and extremely good cook too should any ladies fancy an opportunity to say hello when he returns…

Our friend Randeep had joined James to wish him well. She says she has a thing about cameras and having her photo taken yet has an iPhone full of photos. Something was said to which I joked “Right, you’ve asked for it!”, getting out the dSLR, teasing her and Louise, trying to snag a shot or two. She was on her toes and laughing, managing to dodge the lens most of the evening. I eventually caught them off guard with the iPhone.

Louise was wearing Harem Trousers, one of the things Liz Jones wrote about in Ugg! The items of clothing that women think are fashionable but men hate. We all had a collective look through her Look magazine at the fashion of the moment and played a somewhat darker version of the Snog, Marry, Avoid game.

Andy was also along for the same reasons and as it turns out is a bit of a natural in front of the camera. He’s got a bit of a Bill Nighy (one of my favourite actors) thing going on with some of his facial expressions. I’m going to have to ask him to don a white shirt and jacket and get down to the studio as soon as Mike and I have sorted out some black wall curtains to allow for more creative light control.

With some friends staying with us over the weekend this post sat unfinished for hours. While at lunch with family I got a text from a young lady called Mal, we now have a confirmed booking in the studio for a fashion and portrait shoot. 😀

I’ll be taking Marks teachers comment, adding the Lady Gaga twist and making it my own.. and testing the Cosmic forces to see how far they can take things.