No matter how old you are you can learn new things, if you have the motivation.

I thought I knew the product well, until I read the Lightroom 3 Missing FAQ by Victoria Bampton. I’d come by it looking for possible answers to my Print to PDF issues. I didn’t find what I was looking for in the forum as it’s probably a new and obscure bug, but picked up some great tips with her book. A lot of the information is on the web and in her forum posts, but her book puts it all in one handy place, on the desktop of my Lightroom system. My workflow is now even faster than before. And I’m soon to convert all my images to .DNG format as suggested by Victoria.

Some times life throws you a curve ball and you learn a lesson the hard way, want it or not.

As I’d mentioned in an earlier post my dual core laptop can run rather hot and heat isn’t good for battery life. I’d left it in the back of my Lowepro bag in standby mode, charging the battery. Somehow it turned itself on. Running on AC the Windows 7 system management kicked it up to full power with no inactive spin down. AV software got it running at 100% CPU checking the 250GB plus of data on the drive. With no air circulating in the bag it cooked. It was painfully hot to hold and the battery started failing at around 40% full with no warning.

I’ve parted with cash on a higher capacity replacement I’d rather have put towards other equipment. Thanks to DHLs speedy delivery I’m already charging it. The lesson learnt? Always hibernate or shut down unless you know for sure that you’ll be taking it back out and shutting it down properly soon after!

And the silver lining to my problem? The higher capacity battery is thicker, has rubber feet and holds the base further off the desk giving it a lot more room to breathe when in use.