I’ve just come back from a trip to the Scottish Boarders with 1039 more miles on the clock, a few times that number on the frame counter, some great memories and new friends. A busy long weekend.  I’ll do all that driving again to see a now favourite part of the UK. Picture the green of Kent but with more hills and varied landscape. What a wonderful place!

Saturdays weather reports said it would be a sunny day again with some cloud. If it was anything like the day before I’d want to get the bulkiest bit of equipment in the car ready for shooting some close up portraits of Sara andArmagan.

My father got a large Lastolite in a job lot of photography bits from eBay. The previous owner had painted a fairground on it, most likely as a backdrop for school portraits, rendering it somewhat useless. He’d given it to me to use as a support for a reflective sheet. Sophie helped replace it with some curtain lining material, quickly fixing it to the original material tape around the spring surround with a hot glue gun. It wasn’t the neatest of finishes but that didn’t matter, being able to create some diffused shade was all that counted.

I try and travel with equipment that can do double duty, like the monopod that becomes a portable light stand allowing me to hold the flash much further from the camera. To get the shade high enough to get between the subject and early afternoon sun the Benbo One tripod with it’s unique leg joint came into service. 4 large bulldog clips and tarp fasteners holding the shade to the legs on two sides gave it a lot more stability.