I love photography. It’s one of a few creative outlets I have that I find very satisfying. Finding photographers that have a talent for capturing and editing images that make people stop in their tracks and say “Oh Wow!” gives me an equal buzz. Anyone who’s looked at my Flickr Favourites will know there are plenty of them from all over the world. Unfortunately I get to meet very few of them in person.

Finding such a person in my local town this morning was a nice start to the day. Meet London Landscape Photographer Neil Williams. He’s a family man who manages to squeeze some very early starts into his day to catch London bathed in beautiful light. One of his specialities is wide landscape panoramic images like the one of London below.

It’s the first image I’ve seen that clearly shows the width of London including such landmarks as Canary Wharf, the London Eye and 30 St Mary Axe, nicknamed “The Gherkin”. Neil told me we keeps an eye on the sky, looking for storm clouds that help add atmosphere. The clouds are never edited in from another location or date. Taken from high on a roof top in Forest Hill this one is a stitch of 10 images. Neil doesn’t use software like Autostitch to put them together, instead taking the time to stitch them by hand in photoshop. The results are flawless.

The image above is just one example of Neils work, go check out http://neilwilliams.co.uk/ for more.