Friday Lunch time I jumped on a Tube and headed over to Old Street to meet up with Hanna Neuborn of The Personal Coaching Company to take some shots she could use to update her web site.

The office has a number of pieces of art that made great backdrops. Working in the City, Hanna was keen to get the 3 canvas London backdrop hanging in the hall into a shot. Thankfully with me in the far doorway there was just enough distance to get everything in and keep the composition right so that Hanna wasn’t too far to the right of frame. Some distracting cupboard handles and other fittings on the wall were cleaned out of the shot in post. For the shot of Hanna at the desk I used the 580EXII on the flash cord bouncing off the wall. It gave just the right amount of fill to take Hannas face out of the shadows, the light coloured by the wall in the process. It’s my favourite from the set.

I asked Hanna how she’d come to know about me. She said she’d posted a message on Facebook asking her contacts if anyone knew a photographer that could help and Catherine replied. Catherine herself had found me through a mutual friend Richard in the same way. Many thanks Catherine and Richard, as well as using Flickr and the Blog I’ll be posting to Facebook at lot more from now on!