Yesterday I worked from home putting a long day in at the end of a remote access session. I’d popped out to the local Tesco at the end of the main road to get some bits for lunch, taking the camera in the hope of finding something to photograph. I didn’t find anyone suitable until half way back home when I spotted a father pulling his kids along the path in identical orange sledges. TAXI! No chance of a cab share with those little ones though and I think their dad might have struggled with the extra weight! 🙂

I got up at 05:00 this morning to try and get into London. The snow had given everything a nice thick blanket of white. Which car was mine? Our fence at the front of the house had a good 9 inches of the stuff standing like a thin mountain range where the wind had manage to blow sections off. A good sign that things in town could be bad, but I headed out just in case.

Surprise surprise, Masons Hill hadn’t been cleared regularly, buses and delivery lorries were having major problems getting up the road. This bus was spinning its wheels so much it was creating small clouds of steam!

When I got down to the platform things were not looking good. None of the lines looked like they’d seen a train in a while. Around 06:00 the station staff announced that they expected a train in an hour or so. Then added that until it arrived they couldn’t say in which direction it would be going next. Nice! With an hour plus to kill I went for a walk up to the Churchill Gardens to see what it looked like under all the snow. Quite picturesque!

On returning to the station to wait for the train I found lots of understandably grumpy looking people, nobody standing out as a good subject for a photo. Around 07:30 the station staff were hoping to have a Bromley South to Victoria shuttle service running by 9-ish. Time accept defeat and work from home!

I had a moment of Deva Vu, seeing a number of Police officers pushing a van up the road. I’d photographed a group of them doing the same with a car at the same station back in Feb 2009 when a driver had been stranded late in the evening and allowed to sleep in the station. I loved the green of the Waitrose trolley stand and clicked a couple of snaps. Nothing fancy but I loved the bright green, there’s not much of it to see at the moment.

So I’d got some landscape shots and a bus, no people today! Oh well I though, another day. Moments latter a happy looking Kelly was walking towards me in her snug looking bright winter wear heading into town. I said Hi and asked for a photo, explaining my street photography. Kelly gave me a smile and agreed. Kelly works for a local firm approving loans and has a lovely soft voice. She laughed saying “I didn’t think I’d be doing that this morning!”.

I got within minutes of home then was asked to get food shopping done! Oh well, back to Waitrose it was, the camera bags waist strap coming in very handy to carry the two heaviest of the four loaded bags.

Spring and warm days to do outdoor fashion shoots feel so far away!

Have a very Berry Merry Christmas everyone!

[Update Saturday] Bromley Council got a lot of flack for their lack of response to the snow on the roads, some even on national TV. I can’t say if their updated plans started before that or not but they’ve turned things around in time for the weekends Christmas shopping. Major roads are clear. I’ve seen salt lorries, snow ploughs, even a quad bike fitted with a salt spreader and path brusher!