As an old friend would say, “you pay your money, you take your choc-ice”. (Cheap choc-ices are full of water instead of good ice-cream and melt in no time flat). Most people would say “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys”.  Unfortunately the lightness of the Compaq Presario CQ60 lap melter comes from a significant volume of thin plastic parts and empty spaces rather than a solid lightweight aluminium chassis.  I’d not taken one to bits until tonight after picking up my laptop and hearing a lot of rattling. It fit the immediate need for a fast 64bit dual core platform over a year ago but is now suffering from plastic fatigue. Two tiny nuts that should ideally have been secured in a larger metal part to spread the tension were held in a minimal amount of plastic and had snapped off.  The two tiny nuts and plastic fragments made a lot of noise sliding around inside the case.

Don’t get me wrong though, for the money it’s been the best laptop yet screen and performance wise compared to the DELL and IBM laptops I also use.  With hindsight for my photography I should have gone for something designed to take a bit more punishment and regular use.

The reassembled beast is thankfully still running fine at the moment, so another full backup can be taken just in case.  Time to look into the internal construction of a Macbook Pro.

If you’ve had a Macbook Pro for over a year and carry it everywhere with you I’d be very interested to know how well it’s coped with the daily use.