I’ve got an assignment today and studio session on Sunday. As I also wanted another lens for an upcoming wedding I thought I’d rent one from guys at www.LensesForHire.co.uk before adding one permanently to my collection. Splashing the cash on L glass isn’t something you do on a whim unless you’re being paid high rates for your shoots. I know a couple of full time photogs at this level, but even they would think about where they’re spending and like their bargains. So renting a lens is a great way to see how you’ll get on with it and answer those nagging questions; is fast and sharp enough, will it be too heavy, is the focal length right for my camera?

I picked the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM and have it for a week for only £57.00. Taking it into the garden for a couple of quick snaps wide open at 2.8 I was impressed with the shallow depth of field I was getting. In the shot of TJ on the kitchen step you can see the DOF making the far end of the step out of focus. This will be ideal for the wedding, making sure I lock focus on eyes will be a must.