On the way home this evening I spotted a large lorry parked sideways across a lot of parking bays in the local PC World car park. Sat on the back of it were two statues, one with its back to me.  I walked around the other side between the lorry and wall to take a look. The excellent statue that would no doubt have brought thoughts of contemplation, had it been installed somewhere, stirred up other thoughts. With the bindings holding it to it’s transportation base, old ink images of England’s dark past and involvement in the slave trade came to mind.  I found the image very powerful and decided to get a shot.  A lot easier said than done! Thankfully the builders of the car park were thoughtful enough to put a 3 ft high bollard in front of a lamp post to stop it from being damaged.  Even better the lorry driver had parked close to it.

With my right foot on the bollard, my left leg wrapped around the lamp post for stability and both hands holding the camera high and to the left I got the angle I wanted for a 3 frame HDR shot. Not being able to look through the view finder it took a few attempts to get the composition I wanted. No doubt if anyone else had been there with a camera the statue and I would have made for a crazy picture too.

Two of the PC World staff had been out to see what was going on before I did my acrobatics, “He’s been here for hours, he’ll get a £140 parking fine” one had said. Towards the end of my stint on the bollard the driver returned, smiled and nodded. He couldn’t speak much English but was able to tell me he’d driven all the way from Italy with the statue, it was destined for somewhere in London.

If anyone knows about the statue and where it might come to rest please drop me a line! I’d love to see it properly without all the foam and bindings, free to be seen as it’s creator had intended.