I’m a chip off the old block for sure, the block being retired professional photographer Richard Emery. He may not have been shooting professionally for a while but he’s still very active with photography. Being trained as a machinist and having a whole host of tools to hand, including a lathe, he’s able to make all manor of knobs, adapters and miscellaneous bits to bring old equipment back into service.

His latest project is producing stunning results. Using a collection of large format Sinar parts a slide copier has been constructed. The camera is fitted to the 1st mount via an adapted extension tube. A good quality  1:1 enlarger lens is fixed to the second, short bellows between them.

A Kodachrome slide held in the third support is lit by flash, diffused by a sheet of semi opaque material in the fourth mount. Using Sinar parts allows all of the distances between camera, lens, slide and light to be fine tuned to get the best image possible.

The results are superb! A photograph of a small area of a slide printed at A4 is no different to the eye in terms of grain, colour and contrast to the same section cropped in software from a full frame capture. It may not have the dynamic range of film yet but digital photography certainly has the resolution. Images from a stack of transparencies will soon get a new lease of life, with all the benefits of a digital Lightroom edit.