My next fashion shoot will hopefully be an outdoor one with the dress below. When Lady P put it on the mannequin an image popped into my head straight away. I’m determined to get that idea out of my head and into pixels I can share with the rest of the world.

As some time has passed since then the initial idea has been growing and some extra details are forming. The shoot will require not only the model for the dress, but 5 or 6 men in suits, a covered street and an older man to play the part of a flower seller. Again I’ll be using black accessories to help make the colour of the dress pop, this time adding a wide brimmed hat and shoulder bag. I can’t make my mind up on is the use of a belt. Lady P put a brown belt on for one of the sets of shots and I can’t decide. I’ve seen a lovely vintage belt but would it work?

A talented artist is doing an illustration for the front page of a wedding album I’m working on. It got me looking at my Riven Phoenix videos again and thinking about drawing the image. But spare time is something I don’t have a great deal of and spending a good chunk of it with pencil and paper may drive me nuts as there is one thing I can’t do with that medium – change the view point half way through to see if another camera position works better. Step forward Victoria, Michael and David.

They are free 3D poseable figures from DAZ 3D. DAZ 3D itself is a free application. The makers get revenue from some of the many 3D objects sold on the site. I’ve done a number of renders with “Vivid” in the past, a DOS application that worked off config files way before there were WYSIWYG 3D scene editors and POV-Ray (also free!). DAZ 3D allows me to move the figures around like an artists puppet. It’s my hope that using such a system will not only allow me to experiment with ideas before the shoot but also have proof of concept images I can show the models so that they better understand what I’m aiming for.