Cars seem to be the major theme for the weekend. Sophie and I headed into town to get my nephew a birthday present, a racing drivers outfit from Mothercare. He’s a total car nut who’s now a big 3! His first words were all car related and they’re still his main interest so we’re going with the flow. With cars in mind we came by these two yellow Mini’s parked next to each other at the shopping centre. “What are the odds of that?” I asked. When we found an empty place it was right next to another red Suzuki. Not the exact same model, just as the Mini’s were slightly different. A glitch in the matrix for sure.

Drivers outfit and toy mechanics workbench purchased we went looking for a card.

One of the young ladies behind the tills in Sophie’s shop of choice looked so familiar. But I knew I hadn’t photographed her and had no idea what her name was. The feeling that the world was playing tricks on me was strong. I need more sleep!

It turned out she goes to my daughter school and is in the more senior years, sixth form I guess. So we may well have met before, doing a tour of the school or visiting for one of their many performances. As I received two dresses from Lady Pearls I asked her if she’d be interested in modelling the second. Thankfully she said yes!

I now have two fittings, three suitable locations, friends/family support to arrange and an accessories budget to work out .. that should keep me busy when not sorting out the remaining wedding and party albums!