No, you can never have too much pink. Except when it’s in skin tones and you’re producing a wedding album for a client.

Mike (my lab printing guru) and I have been working on Sam & Tims album. Thankfully Mike is able to print a preview of 9 pages to a side double sided and jot correction notes where needed, a number of the shots were coming out a tad on the pink side and needed “Yellow +1”. The dynamic range of a printer is much much lower than that of a CRT or LCD screen so the images have to be 100% in order to look their very best. If you’d looked at many of the images on their own you’d not have seen it. When a number are printed side by side the difference becomes more apparent and needs fixing.

To ensure we were all “on the same page” as it were, we’ve been recalibrating our systems. The old CRT and LCD monitor I have on my workstation (not my primary Lightroom system) that I thought were past it are now so close to each other that they’ve been saved from a visit to the recycling centre. Borrowing or investing in your own colour calibration system is well worth it.