When a photographer asks you if they can take your portrait it’s usually because there is something about you that has caught their eye. It could be for all manor of reasons.

You may be doing a job that adds something to the image. Like the guys in these shots.

Or it could be your style, hairdo, smile, eyes or any combination that makes the photographer think you’re photogenic. The saying goes that “The eyes are the window to the soul”. When they’re smiling that window is wide open. I love smiles.

I get a lot of people say “I’m not photogenic”. Trust the photographer. If they’ve asked you to pose for them there is something about you that’s got their attention! 🙂

You can find more of my Street Photography here. All images are FREE to download for the person photographed. All images (C) Mark Emery Photography. I charge for my Wedding, Event and Party photography, but I have never, and will never charge for any of my Street Photography images. They’re free as a “Thanks!” to the many subjects for allowing me to continue doing what I love.