A growing list of Flickr contacts continue to inspire me.  It started with Miss Aniela and her wonderful clone and levitation images, Mark Sayer, aka ..Goose.. with his great images and tribute to the Hancock DVD cover. They’ve both got me working with images and layers, pushing my use of the GIMP a bit further than before. And now there’s John, aka Drummy ™© and his superb ENDWORLD photo-story. If you liked comics as a kid or like films like “I Am Legend” go have a read and enjoy the images. John’s put a hell of a lot of time and effort into his project and I hope you’ll agree the results are outstanding. No only did he post the final images and text, but Behind The Scenes videos that show how he takes the source photos and layers them into the finished product.  If you become a fan too some of his artwork can be found on RedBubble in the form of T-Shirts and Prints. There’s also a book of the whole series out on Blurb.

A few of his other fans started doing Endworld inspired images of there own. An idea I’d had on ice for a long time got a defrosting. Thanks to the the staff from The Pet Place that groom the familys dog and the gent that runs the shop next door I got the use of the parts and help I needed to take the source images.

My story text

Thanks Natalie, Mark, John and everyone else sharing ideas and being creative on Flickr!