So there I was heading home when I spotted what looked like a load of Air Stewardesses. Being outside the studio and in “amateur photographer using minimal equipment” mode shooting for fun, not a client (Canary Wharf rules, you should see what I use when I’m working!) I took a few snaps.

Moments later I could see lots of people in goggles, a few ladies in pink wigs and men in futuristic police outfits. I got chatting to one couple curious to find out what was going on and if it was a game event of some sort, Sandpit fresh in my mind from the night before.

It was the first time they’d been along to a Secret Cinema event. I was told you buy a ticket to see a film which will be held at a venue you only find out about a week before the screening. You have to come dressed to match one of a number of themes but don’t get told what the film will be.

Rickey Horror with a modern twist? Hopefully I’ll find out a bit more from the couple after then event, although I’ve got a good idea from the Secret Cinema web site. Sounds like another great alternative night out!