I’m still working from Canary Wharf, sorting and editing a few remaining images on the laptop during my train rides to and from site.

What’s hot in my book? Big 1980’s style hair, short hair Rihanna style, and big eyes or eye lashes. This evening as I walked from the office to the tube and passed the body MOT stands I glanced to my right and spotted Jannah. Even at a distance her eyes stood out.

Jannah told me she didn’t think she was very photogenic and didn’t have a nice smile. Sorry Jannah, I think you’re wrong on both counts! 🙂 Around the time I was shooting Sam & Tims wedding Jannah was a bridesmaid herself. She’d had to smile for countless photos and was by all accounts smiled out by the end of the day. Despite this Jannah agreed to having her photo taken and gave a wonderful smile when asked “What’s your favourite joke?”. She didn’t need to answer, the smile in her eyes said enough. Her make-up gave a strong reflection in the strobes light despite the Big Bounce diffuser and I switched to daylight. I’m trying to resist airbrushing photos but in Jannah’s case I think a little use of the heal tool to reduce the highlights in the make-up are fine. Lovely talking to you Jannah.

What’s hot and therefore not? Tube trains with inadequate ventilation. My laptop, in a literal way. Rather than put the fan and all vents where they could get air the designers at HP / Compaq put a fan and vent to one side of the bottom thereby ensuring that it’s blocked when used on a lap. Do they think laptops are only used on a desk these days? My leg and computer are often cooked by the time I reach my destination. Such heat doesn’t do the battery any good either. I’d get an external fan tray for it to sit in if it wasn’t for the fact that my bag wouldn’t take the extra thickness.

So now I’ve got another requirement for my next laptop. That makes :-

  • Lots of RAM (8GB+)
  • Fast drive I/O
  • Great LCD display
  • Fast dual or quad core CPU
  • Good battery life
  • Rear only cooling

If anyone has the next winning lottery numbers please feel to get in touch 😉