What a lovely day! Yesterdays storm was long gone and the good weather was back. Warm without being too hot or humid.  There were four people that stood out from the crowds, two in the morning, two in the early evening. And as it happened two for their hair, two for their style in clothes.

Tracey on the left here works in my home town for an insurance firm. Think she likes pink? 🙂 We spoke about the fact that there are a number of firms in town that don’t make it widely known they’re there, my wife works for one of them selling holidays! Tracey specialises in personal & holiday claims, she said she knows some people are trying to pull a fast one, her job is to work out who’s genuine and give them the yes.  She dyed her hair for Glastonbury having done the same last year and finding her boss was okay with it did it again.  Thanks Tracey’s Boss!  Her favourite band this time was The Kaizer Chiefs who I mixed up with the The Kings of Leon. I should know which is which, I ask DJs to play Sex On Fire on behalf of my wife at enough parties! Lovely meeting you Tracey!

At Canary Wharf, I spotted a lady in a lovely sheer cream top printed with tiny black stars. Worn over black Lycra leggings and body with nice black heals and multiple colour matched bangles it looked great, the top moving nicely with every step. Sadly she didn’t sound in the mood for photos. I loved the look so much I searched for the top during lunch, this was the closest I could find to the print, the top the lady had worn had been slightly longer.

Danielle [top middle, left, below] had been on the same tube train to Victoria. I loved the high-waisted long trousers and shoes that made her legs look amazingly long. She’d even found a hair band that colour matched the trousers, I do like it when people coordinate their accessories. Outside Victoria station I spotted her again, being outside the tube network there were no staff to get in the way with “No photography” comments, thankfully this lovely softly spoken lady said yes to photos. Danielle said that when she’d put them on in the morning she’d thought they might have been “Too 70s”. 70’s, yes. Too 70’s? Never!  I got a nice surprise when I asked Danielle what she did, she sorts out model bookings for a studio in London. I’m looking forward to getting your email Danielle! Talking to her after taking the portrait and full length shots I noticed the ink on her collar bone. At first I thought it was written in a foreign script. Then I realised it was written in English backwards – mirror writing.  It’s there for Danielle, nobody else. It says “Live life abundantly”.

Then just as I was about to call time on my evenings photography and think about what to do for dinner I spotted a gent with pink hair [top right]. He agreed to a shot and when asked if there was a particular thing that had made him do it he simply answered “Why not?”. Why not indeed!