One of the people I photographed during my 100Strangers project was Freddie Junior, a member of staff in the local CEX store and the man behind Drummer Boy Clothing. He’s quite a character and is constantly coming up with quotes to post on his Facebook wall. This one made me laugh out-loud and hard and it got a good laugh from my wife when I showed it to her.


“If taking pictures of yourself in your room makes you a model, then taking a picture of myself in a garage makes me a car”

It got me thinking, what is the minimum someone needs to do to be accepted as a model by others? Is it just posing for a photographer rather than yourself? If you look at the wonderful work of many of my Flickr contacts, many of which are their own model and photographer for self portraits, the answer has to be no. So when exactly do things change? I think the answer has to be when the model lets go of the camera and uses the cameras self timer or a shutter remote allowing them to be more creative with their pose.

My iPhone dictionary app has these entries among others:

model – a woman who wears clothes to display fashions
model – a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor
model – assume a posture as for artistic purposes

So Freddy, what sort of car are you? 😉