With the weather improving there’s a growing amount of colour about, and not just in peoples clothes, I’m spotting more and more people colouring their hair. Orange, pink and red hair dyes must be doing quite nicely, there seem to be a declining number of bleach blondes these days. I spotted three great pink funky dreds wizz past at different points of the tube I’d just missed in the morning.

I’ve got a laptop skin, poster and web home page design coming along nicely using Shape Collage with GIMP and a number of scripts. All these bright colours will be added to the mix to sit alongside Zia and the British Red Cross lady.

Having only posted this morning about “Drop of a hat” local photoshoots when the weather is good I was quite surprised to find that stylist Rihanna, on the right here, lives in the same town as me and may join in! She tells me she’s got a friend who’s a dancer and that they both like wearing bright colours when not at work. Watch this space!