Although you might have missed the fact if you’d only focused on the colour rather than the style of the dresses as I initially had. My friend Julie, one of my 100Strangers from Feb 2009, had put me in touch with her friends Amy and Eddy who were in need of a photographer for their wedding reception.  They were to have a small wedding in town and a reception the next day with a much larger groups of friends and family.  Julie arrived early in a gorgeous black and pattern dress from French Connection and some killer red heals to match her lipstick. It’s got a lovely shape with frilly shoulders, one of only two dresses I’ve seen with pockets at the hips, the other being a vintage dress at Lady Pearls.  Then a lady in a yellow version of the same dress arrived.  You’d have to have been blind to have missed it. I mentioned my most viewed Flickr photo, of a yellow Karen Millen dress, Julie pointed out that they were in fact the same dress, only in different colours and that there was a third lady in the dress, this time all black.

I couldn’t resist asking, Charlies Angels time again! Thanks for being such great sports ladies. 😀

Time to crack on with the rest of the image sorting and editing before the bride and groom return from their honeymoon!