At the vast majority of wedding receptions there’s an extra event that sticks in your mind. Thinking back to the last three; at Sam and Tim’s there was the lads doing “The Beer Dance” and Sam and her girl friends doing a cheeky recreation of a holiday shot. Sara sang for the guests, Armagan and his friends did a traditional dance, making a number of ladies blush and question what he had under his kilt when he started doing the spin jumps. All fun, entertaining and quite safe for the wedding photographer.

Marie and James had a lovely reception at the Lot Road pub off the Kings Road. While taking some family shots outside I learnt that the mother of the bride and two other ladies had picked the same dress. That was an opportunity not to be missed! I got the flash up on a stand with shoot through umbrella and got ready, I’d ask the ladies to get into the Charlie’s Angels pose. What I hadn’t expected was a surge of guests with cameras and phones like paparazzi swarming around Paris Hilton stepping out of a night club! At one point I found myself against the back wall wondering if I’d get a chance for many more clear shots. The moment was over in a flash but I’d managed to bag a few shots without anyone cutting into the sides of the frame. Thanks ladies!

Shooting weddings and parties you’ve got to be on your toes and alert! Standing on the side lines is not an option. Wearing plain black shoe like trainers in the evening for that extra bit of grip might have to come into the equation in case a guest scrum starts! ;^) And something that’s less likely to slide on a wet floor should drinks be spilt on the dance floor would help ensure I continue to shoot to the end without any mishaps..