I dislike autumn and winter. Not for the cold and lack of green on the trees but what it does to the colours being worn by the vast majority of the public. The bright summer colours vanish and out come the dark colours, greys and blacks. So I was delighted to see the Warehouse collection on show at Canary Wharf this past weekend – Autumnal berry colours and a nice solid blue.

Zara also made an impression with their collection largely based on black, white, tan and mustard yellows. The latter looks to be quite popular with a number of fashion houses and their customers judging by the number of people I see out and about in tops, trousers or accessories in that colour.

The men’s fashion wasn’t as bright colour wise, but one outfit caught my attention for it’s style. Aquascutum had a great top and jacket on a model that made me think of Daniel Craig. I’m after a smart casual style makeover myself so will check them out and start moving a stack of tshirts in the direction of charity shops.