And smarten up.

No photo for this post. Instead I’ll have to paint a picture with words. I’m out shopping with the family, my wife and daughter are getting dresses for a wedding. It’s a fact of life. No matter how much a woman has in her wardrobe a wedding is the perfect reason for the next addition 🙂 As a fan of fashion I can’t blame them and the A line dress Denise is checking out looks brilliant on her.

While in one store a young lady came in with her mother, both were exceptionally well dressed. She had great style with a black sleeved top with white collar, above the knee tan a-line shirt made out some heavy looking material and designer tights, the new trend where they’re woven in different densities to add patterns. These were made to look like vintage seamed stockings, but with what I guess was the designers signature part way down. Red shoes with a high but chunky heal finished the ensemble. I complimented her on her style and learnt that she’s going to be a fashion student at university.

Some time passed as my wife and daughter tried other dresses. I’d asked the future designer if I could take a photo. Her mother gave me a verbal ticking off that might as well have been a slap around the face. Maybe if I’d been any closer I’d have gotten a real one!

Okay, I’d not paid enough attention to the going to be a fashion student which with hindsight clearly put her in the school leaver bracket. She was dressed far better than others of her age and I’d just thought of her as somewhat older and petite. Some of my daughters classmates tower above her, so height is never a good measure of age.

Age is a touchy subject for some. And I’m learning that the transition from girl to young woman is particularly sensitive, and more so for the parents. I would have seen some of it with my two sisters but don’t recall much of those times. I’ll no doubt get a reminder from my daughter in a few years.

Maybe if I’d introduced myself to the mother and asked her things might have gone differently. She might have been having a bad day, maybe it was me, who knows.

Onwards and upwards. My next shoot will be with a catwalk model I met in town who’s best friend is a designer with some stunning outfits.

Taking through what had happened with my wife in the evening she may have hit a nail on the head. During the week I wear my nice T. M. Lewin shirts and trousers, at the weekend it’s unflattering jeans, teeshirt and trainers that project totally the wrong image. Especially for someone who likes fashion. Also I should have introduced myself to both mother and daughter at the same time so as not to offend either.

I wish you well Little Miss G. With your good eye for what works well together I have no doubt that if you follow your dreams we’ll be seeing your collections on catwalks, in the stores and you being celebrated in the likes of Elle, Tatler and Vogue. Best of luck.