There was a unique mix of fashion on display this bright sunny morning at Victoria. Lots of girls in t-shirts, shorts and straw hats with large backpacks looking like they were ready to enjoy the weekend and were starting early. The mass of Wellington boots spoke volumes. British weather is so unpredictable! It’s live music time again, specifically the V Festival.

I’d wanted to get a shot of one of the festival goers but not the usual standing up smiling at the camera. Walking around the front of the station I found just that, Jeeve sitting on his backpack looking at his phone. He agreed to being photographed as he was but then had to get up as a women who’d chained her bike to the railings behind him appeared and wanted to ride off on it.

While waiting for her to do her thing I asked Jeeve which bands he was most looking forward to. Arctic Monkeys! EMINƎM! He commented about how all the other guys were only talking about Rihanna. (She’s great but yeh, let’s acknowledge some of the other acts!)  For a change I opted for a more candid composition, daylight only but kept to the 50mm f1/8.  Have I had enough of the “Nice smile, everything is alright with the world” portrait? Maybe, maybe not..  but a change now and then does you good.

Hopefully the weather will hold out Jeeve and you and your fellow music fans won’t all get caked in mud! But then that’s supposed to be part of the attraction isn’t it?