As per my April 16th post I’ve teamed up with The Seaside Tribe to help Chrissie & Tim who run the British Red Cross Forest Hill with their fashion evening. As we’ll be setting up a mini studio in the store I popped along this evening for a quick test to see that the spot we’d talked about using would work. A few sand bags to weigh down the light and backdrop stands on the side open to the customers and I think we’re all set!

Tim was quite the willing subject for some test shots, he’s always talking and smiling in the shop but do you think I could get get him to smile for a shot? He’d crack a smile for a split second and snap back to Mr Serious! The Mandarin shown behind Tim is one of the backdrops donated to the appeal by the the great people at Creativity Backgrounds. In the collection at the store I’ll have Smoke Grey, Jet Black, Arctic White and Champaign Yellow to compliment the colours in the clothes the customers pick. We’ve also got a nice 1960’s chair for some “all in the shot close ups”.

So if you fancy adding something different to your wardrobe and/or a new photo for your online profile or to share with friends and family come along and say hello and feel free to join the event on Facebook.

All images from the evening will go online into the Flickr group set up for the appeal to allow the participants easy access to the images *. As they’re being taken for donations we’re suggesting £5 per portrait, less than your average passport photo! We’ll take a number of each customer joining in and will pick the best for uploading. For a further donation we can do beauty photo retouching and background changes if required. If anyone requires prints they too can be arranged. (All editing and prints will done after the event).

The shop doors will close ~ 4:30 and reopen for the special event from 6PM until 9PM. The British Red Cross, Forest Hill, SE23 3HF, a stones throw from the Forest Hill station. The stores phone number is 020 8699 5864 should anyone need to call.

Following this on the 20th May The Seaside Tribe will be hosting a party at the Hobgoblin (just around the corner) with DJ’s, Bands, Dancers & Artists where once again, donations and entry fee will be going directly to the Red Cross Tsunami appeal.

* Anyone needing their images to be less public will be emailed a link to a private page. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign a consent form and clearly state how the images may or may not be used.