Friday evening was rather wet in South East England, all part of a typical unpredictable British summer. On the phone by the windows twelve floors up I watched the massive rain drops sailing past and thought “Hmmph. Not great weather for photography”. Then I noticed some of the bright umbrellas the rain was bouncing off.   I reminded myself of a commitment I’d made some time ago – to embrace the weather no matter how good or bad and get on with it. Outside I started wrapping the camera, flash and diffuser in a large plastic bag in the dry. Credit to the wharf security, I had two of their officers with me before I’d finished. I know the drill and they didn’t stop long. In a way I’m glad they did stop for those few seconds, without them saying hello I might have missed the stylish couple walking through the square  in front of Jubilee Park and the tube entrance. Thinking back to a previous evening I think I might have spotted the lady before in a beautiful almost gold dress that I suspect was also woollen. If so she’s got great style and a wardrobe to match. The black cardigan coat with its curved hem moved beautifully. The gentleman, also not stranger to fashion was in a designer denim jacket with large Roman cross on the back, like the one that can be seen on the front but with much more detail.

When taking their shot I took quite a few steps back to ensure I got their feet and the top of the brolly in. The ladies red shoes registered in my mind but with my attention on their faces I’d not noticed her pose until reviewing the evenings shots on the laptop. Something tells me she’s no stranger to the camera. Many thanks to you both for stopping.

Then the sun broke through the clouds and the shots of the lady carrying a Marilyn Monroe umbrella went wrong. I’ve rescued it as much as I can in Lightroom, but the blown highlights can’t be fixed. With so much bag wrapped around everything I was having trouble getting at it’s LCD and controls, I’m going to have to get a custom rain housing made.  I then spotted a gentleman with his family standing under a Union Jack umbrella. He was visiting the UK and his English wasn’t strong (but way better than my command of any other language, I wish I’d been better at languages as school). I explained to his daughter that I’d like to take his photograph under the umbrella. He agreed and let me take a few. They were even more over exposed than the lady with the Marilyn Monroe umbrella.

The penny dropped, the flash had dropped out of high speed sync, limiting the shutter speed to 1/250th, far too long for the bright light and wide aperture I was using.  Just as I worked it out and got the bag off the camera to get at the controls he passed his umbrella to his daughter. With the three shots in the camera the rain dried up and the umbrellas disappeared.

Rain, do whatever you want. In fact come in torrents, I’ll  be ready for you..  🙂