Finishing the editing of all Rob & Yvette’s wedding and Seniha’s party shots this past week has helped emphasise just how slow the system is getting. As of Thursday night the images from Seniha’s 2011 Zumba Anniversary Party were edited with the upload started early Friday morning. Maybe it’s time to put a replacement system on the wish list for Father Christmas. Either that or wipe it and install fresh with only the most used apps going back on.

Guests at Seniha’s party were predominantly women in a good range of party outfits with some lovely dresses. Just what a fashion fan likes! There were a few favourites; nice and simple LBDs, smart jump suits, a very pleated number with long sleeves possibly inspired by the outfit on a Maria Carey CD cover, a black mid length dress with longer sheer outer layer over a shorter solid skirt, and the simple but lovely print dress at the top of the post.

I caught the lady in a few shots and I love the dresses simplicity, it moved beautifully as she danced the night away. While editing the last few TV adverts with a Christmas shopping theme came on the TV. It made think about the print on the dress and the nicer Christmas gift wrapping paper. I know many women will buy a dress and wear it the once. So at this time of the year when many parties are held maybe there’s a market for fun party dress that looks deliberately like gift wrap or something that would be enjoyed at meal times, complete with a massive bright ribbon, a cheeky “I’m your Christmas Cracker, Pull Me!” 😉

Men’s fashion in the UK is sadly nowhere near as varied – unless you’re brave enough to wear a smart kilt and jacket like my friends in the Scottish Borders or want to stand out like a sore thumb and look like Juan Sheet from the Plenty kitchen paper adverts. For men not wanting to bare their legs one thing I’d recommend is a nice shirt and trousers finished off with a bright colourful waistcoat like this couple of gentlemen from Rob and Yvette’s wedding.