My friend Mark Humphreys was born in the UK but moved to the USA with family at a young age – though old enough to remember and miss some of the UK’s finest food and drink products by Heinz and PG 🙂

He describes himself as “Very happily married with three great kids, a beautiful wife, and plenty to keep myself busy.”

Part of that plenty comes from his wedding photography. Mark recently posted a photo from a wedding shoot for clients Aileen & Joe, with a link to a video someone had shot of the first dance. Now here’s a Bride and Groom that worked with the Bridesmaids and Ushers to entertain their guests. He tells me “The bride and groom are excited to have as many youtube views as they have”, let’s see if we can get them a few more!

With a lot of couples in the UK also liking the energy of BEP tracks I wonder how many this side of the pond will go to these lengths. Enjoy!