In the shot of the en pointe ballet dancer I posted a few days ago you’ll see a nice white umbrella. It was the second brolly I found while checking out a number of local charity shops for the ideal coat for the shoot. As soon as I spotted it I though of the white scarf I had from a fancy dress evening and how the two would contrast nicely against the black coat and dancers lovely dark curly hair. When I popped it open in the shop to ensure it wasn’t damaged a thought struck me – it was very much like the shoot-through brollies I use with my studio heads when shooting on location, only with a handle.

Having got a right soaking last Wednesday night in Ipswich I knew it was time to start carrying an umbrella.  I have a LumiQuest Big Bounce I carry in the camera bag as a diffuser for the Speedlite, and a fold up mens umbrella I can carry when it rains.  Now I have a brolly that can do double duty – keep me dry and be an even better diffuser.

And for the lads in the office, who wondered why I’d carry a ladies umbrella*, after the break there’s a couple of images showing just what a difference it makes to the light that passes through it.

* No, I’m not going Little Britain..  though with Movember around the corner some may wonder! 😉