If I could have a theme tune that followed me around playing like the background music to a film it would currently be Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E track “Beautiful People” with Benny Benassi. One of my favourite uplifting dance tracks Happiness by Alexis Jordan had almost been knocked off my #1 spot by this equally addictive dance track. They’re now joint first. And for a good reason.

There have been plenty pictures of what the celebrity world would call beautiful people having an off day and looking a lot like everyone else on a bad day. People come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Some like their hair long, some super short. Some stay natural while others colour it. Some dress in the very latest fashions, some don’t. Some cover themselves in piercings or tattoos, others wrap themselves up and hide from the sun. Some photographers focus on “conventional beauty” and the symmetry of a persons face. But none of that gets to the top of the list for me.

What makes someone beautiful in my book? It’s they way people let their personality shine through with expressions of Happiness. A simple smile and sparkle in the eyes is enough. Put on a smile on your face, wear the clothes that make you feel great and go out into the world and be beautiful!

And if you feel you need a little make-up to help you on your way check out sites like beautysauce.com. Should our paths cross lets get a shot to show the world!