I posted “Close, direct, intimate, naked, natural, genuine: FACITY.COM” towards the end of September about the international project to photograph faces in their natural form free from make-up, jewellery, etc. The guys at FACITY must have been busy with a flood of emails from people wanting to be photographed or photographers. I’ve just had a reply back, I’m onboard!

Anyone wanting to take part in the project should read this first and be happy for their image to be used in the ways described.

http://www.facity.com/user-agreement/  Unfortunately they’re a little behind with updating their web site so Bromley, Kent in the UK isn’t in their contact form yet so please use the form below if you’re in London / Ipswich / Bromley and want to join in. Due to the UK autumn and FACITY rules on natural light most shoots will have to be at the weekend during daylight hours or at lunch times during the week.

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