Photography wise it feels like I’ve been in hibernation over the past few weeks, stuck indoors with the cold the whole family has been suffering from. I think I turned a corner last night, hopefully a few more days and I’ll be rid of the blasted thing. During those weeks it felt like I’d also lost my creative spark, my photo-mojo.

Roll on the warmer weather, some studio, location, fashion and wedding shoots! The Mojo’s back. 🙂

Speaking of creative spark, this post needed something different. A match bursting into flame felt right. Stick the camera on rapid fire with manual focus, shutter & aperture and slowly bring a match down towards a lit hob burner. It will get hot enough to burst into flame long before it reaches the visible blue flames below.  3 matches in and I had a reasonable set of images to review.  When the things first light there’s flames shooting out in all directions and it’s a bit of a mess. The ladies of the house liked this one the most so here you are, a lit match with the tail end of its spluttering into life just showing.

I thought I’d attempt the 365 project for the third time this year. This time round I’ve got to strike a better balance between the project and all the other work and family things I want to fit in each day, not let it take over too much, but at the same time stick with it and get to the end. Hopefully it will be a case of third time lucky and I’ll get to #365.  Making use of time on the train into London for any editing and allowing a bit of flexibility on when the results are uploaded will probably help.  A bit more planning up front and it should be doable. In a years time I’ll hopefully have picked up a few more features from the various bits of editing software I have to hand.

This post in part exists for some testing of the WordPress to Twitter plugin integration and the Facebooks RSS feed reader.  I’m being the guinea pig, checking out that things work as expected before my wife’s web site gets a major theme overhaul and all the extra bells and whistles.