Today my wife and I attended the funeral of an old family friend Sid. His wife Edna put a lovely service together, Sid would have been proud. Shortly after the service started a great short poem about not growing old was read out. It was so apt, Sid lived life to the full. Despite several searches I’ve not been able to find it via Google.  Edna invited everyone to join her at the Windmill Pub afterwards for lunch.  I wasn’t going to take any photos, I had my bag with me as I was soon to head into the city. Sat at a table near the door to the garden area I noticed how the theme of one of the ladies tops continued into the flowers behind her.  Sid being a keen gardener would, I think, have approved. Meet Helen, her friends says she stands out where ever she goes.

After a productive afternoon in the wharf I started home. The barriers were up and cyclists racing past. And I mean RACING.  The GE Canary Wharf Triathlon was on! On getting to the other side of the square I was surprised to see cheerleaders performing. There was a large group of photographers with their expensive sports telephoto lenses, best I leave the long distance shots of the athletes to them I thought. The girls were from The Cheerleeding Company, with a number of others taking their photos I thought I’d join in and try a group shot.  An obliging stranger with his own camera held the 580exII/PocketWizard/Softbox combo while I moved way back to frame the shot. A first! Thanks!

I tried to get a good action group shot for them but with the anti ram-raid flower planters and barriers out the angle I would have liked just wasn’t possible.  I loved the fantastic smile on one of the two brunettes in the team and asked for a portrait, many thanks, I hope I didn’t hurt the others feelings, you’re all gorgeous.  If he’d been there I think Sid would have had his back to the triathlon and would have been enjoying the smiles, cheers and dancing going on on the pavement.

The nice flat abdominals this evening were a good reminder for one thing – I need to get my own dance fit routine back on track and join the ladies of the house at Seniha’s Zumba classes again. I find the fitter I am the less carrying a heavy camera becomes an issue.