Yesterday was one Tuesday that will be remembered for a number of reasons. The Canary Wharf food market was back again, bringing some extra variety to our lunch time options. I tried a Polish pork sausage hot-dog and now highly recommend them. Due to an evening event I was to take part in I’d left the camera bag with dSLR at home and taken the G11 (Pro Compact). I’d intended to try and get some shots of the traders at work but the event was so popular and packed that getting a clear shot was impossible. Then a shot walked up to me!

Holly from Jamie’s Italian was carrying a sampler board of bread, olives, peppers and ham. Her colleague had been handing out cards with the restaurants details and joined in the first shot. A member of the public who I’d expected to carry on past clocked the camera and stopped just as I took the shot, hence the second attempt. The first image is growing on me though, with the alignment of Holly’s head and the two behind her.

That evening I joined in with some charity Dragon Boat racing. Our team may not have won but we had a good time and didn’t capsize, unlike the Drag-on-boat team. Well done to the winners, team “Whipple Racing”.

When I first got the G11 I wasn’t sure how I’d find the fold out LCD panel. I now love it and think I’d get on with one on a dSLR like the Canon 60D.

Folded in the right way it makes the use of the camera more like the old TLR or m645 I’d shot film with twenty odd years ago. Having a waist level rather than an eye level finder disconnects you from the process of just looking through the camera and makes you see the whole composition. It’s also good for candid photos with friends.